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Tulum Vacation Rentals: High Season 365 Days a Year

Investing in a Tulum vacation rentals has never been more profitable. Over spill from popular Playa del Carmen and a glowing reputation for Tulum’s eco-chic hotels and spas has resulted in massive tourism. This has created a demand for rental properties 365 days a year. Tulum real estate is the next big thing in the Riviera Maya.

Regular rental owners, where ever they choose to invest,  have to be aware of the pitfalls of low-season. The vast majority of profits are made in high-season while the property hopefully breaks even during the quieter months.

However, Tulum is no ordinary travel destination. The hipster-haven of the Riviera Maya, Tulum attracts chic, affluent, intelligent and well-travelled millennials from major metropolitan hubs in the States, Canada and Europe. The Riviera Maya is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and Tulum is the crown jewel of the Riviera Maya.

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Despite the incredible popularity of the region, Tulum has remained true to it’s bohemian roots. The town has focused on creating a sustainable balance between nature and tourism. This has only increased it’s popularity with eco-travellers.

Nowadays, the luxury, beach cabana style hotels that line Tulum’s world-famous beach are going for hundreds of dollars per night and are still experiencing fantastic occupancy rates. This is helped by the limited number of rooms available in hotels. The total number being approximately 8,000 in Tulum as a whole.

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In high season, Tulum vacation rentals and hotels experience occupancy rates of 80-90+%. This may not seem overly unusual for such a popular destination. However, in recent years Tulum has experienced occupancy rates as high as 72% in low-season.  For anywhere in the world, this would be considered a good rate for low-season. What makes Tulum special? Prices for low-season remain high. Hotels and vacation rentals charge up to $500 USD per night even in the low-season months.

A rental property that experiences a steady, high occupancy rate 365 days a year guarantees a strong return on investment year in, year out. ROI for well-managed rental properties in Tulum is 10% and can be much higher. If you factor in the appreciation of property and land value in the area, which is currently around +8% per year, then you are looking at a very solid investment opportunity.

Developments Available for Tulum Vacation Rentals

The key to tapping in to Tulum’s vacation rental success is finding a development that reflects the unique personality of Tulum. Tourists flock to this slip of Caribbean coastline because of it’s reputation as an eco-mecca. Visitors want an authentic Tulum experience that offers both luxury and a sense of getting back to basics.

Trinity Tulum is one such development. Combining minimalist design, natural local materials and superior amenities, Trinity Tulum offers guests luxury jungle living. Beautiful 1 and 2 bedrooms residences are available as well as luxury lofts. All residences make the most of the surrounding area, with an indoor-outdoor feel. Amenities include a serene pool and lounge area, a rooftop pool and entertainment space, and private pools for penthouses. Spacious terraces, lush landscaping and outdoor entertainment including TV’s invite guests to spend their time out in the tropical surroundings.

For more information on the opportunities presented by Tulum vacation rentals and Trinity Tulum, please contact an agent from Virgin Realty Mexico. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible as you strive to achieve your investment goals.