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Tulum Real Estate Take-Over: The Place to Invest in the Riviera Maya

It’s impossible to deny the popularity of the Riviera Maya. This little strip of Mexican paradise deserves to be recognised for the incredible lifestyle and investment options it offers. And recognised it is. Now one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, towns of the Riviera Maya are consistently nominated as some of the best places to live and invest in the world. The focus is generally on Playa Del Carmen. The party paradise is now one of the top 25 destinations in the world for both lifestyle and investment. However in the past decade, tranquil Tulum has been maturing from a low-key backpackers delight to a mecca for eco-chic living. The Tulum real estate take-over is on it’s way, and you want a piece of the action. 

The Tulum Take-Over

While popular Playa Del Carmen is the top destination in Mexico, Tulum was named #1 destination on the rise 2016 by Tripadvisor. This kind of recognition is due to a number of things. These include increases in travel bookings as high as 74% year on year and new luxury accommodations including Virginnara, an eco-chic hotel that offers wellness and yoga retreats.

Tulum real estate

Tulum has long been known as charming escape for the mind, body and soul. Surrounded by the only beach-side Mayan Ruins in the country, the epic Sian Ka’an reserve and a national park, visitors take a step back in to nature when they arrive in Tulum. Large portions of the town remain off-grid yet locals are happy to keep it that way. Restaurants such as Hartwood rely purely on natural and sustainable energy to run. Furthermore, eco-hotels like The Papaya Playa Project aim to have zero footprint in the next few years. Tulum is truly a hippy-chic haven.

Tulum real estate
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This dedication to sustainable, low-key yet luxurious living has carried over into new private developments for Tulum real estate. Many reputable investment and relocation sources are spouting Tulum real estate as the next best place to invest in the Riviera Maya. Currently the peso is still not fully recovered from it’s drop last fall.  As a result, foreign investors still have more buying power to invest in an emerging location in one of the world’s top destinations. There are strict development restrictions that are set to keep Tulum a tropical paradise. However Tulum’s real estate development is now over-taking Playa Del Carmen’s incredible 26% yearly growth rate. Investing now could mean joining an exclusive group of property owners in Tulum that only look to benefit from Tulum’s impending growth.

Tulum Real Estate

Tulum real estate investments include exciting new developments such as Trinity Tulum. This new development reflects Tulum’s natural environment from the design to the materials used. The result is chic eco-living in a minimalist space consisting of one or two bedroom luxury condos and stunning lofts. Large outdoor living spaces with private pools, gardens and terraces invite guests to enjoy the lush jungle surroundings as Trinity Tulum blends into it’s natural habitat.

Tulum Land Investment

Another fantastic investment opportunity to add to your portfolio is land in Tulum. The expected growth of Tulum means massive future development. So, the surrounding areas of what is now considered Tulum will become hot property. Virgin Group are working closely with sellers in the Yakunaah area as we believe this to be a perfect, low-risk investment for our clients. Located just 1km from the beach, Yakunaah land is directly in the path of future developments. As a result, this prime Tulum location is set to sky-rocket in the coming years. Hectares are now available with current prices starting at just 15 USD pm2. Furthermore, prices are already increasing on an average of 5 USD per month. An opportunity like this begs comparison to buying land in Playa Del Carmen 15 years ago.

Tulum real estate

To conclude; opportunities are plenty in the Riviera Maya’s most protected piece of paradise. A favourable exchange rate, rental pool programs and fractional ownership options, land investment and a commitment to protecting the unique personality of Tulum are all reasons to get involved. Investing in Tulum real estate now truly is investing in the future.


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