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Tulum Real Estate: Land Change Denied for Hotel

Tulum real estate is the current buzz of the Riviera Maya. This unique tourist destination, well known for it’s quaint, rustic-chic aesthetic and focus on wellness, has attracted some of the world’s most affluent travellers in recent years. The opportunities presented by this type of tourism has caused rapid growth in Tulum. It overtook Playa Del Carmen as the fasted growing city in Latin America in 2012. Between the years of 2008 and 2015, the population tripled to 30,000 permanent residents. Now, Tulum is home to world-class eco-chic hotels and luxury developments such as Trinity Tulum, located high-end area of Aldea Zama. However, it seems that the Municipality is becoming ore selective in it’s choices of land use, as a new hotel project has recently denied. 

Hotel Arena Denied Change of Land Use

tulum real estate beach

Hotel Arena was to be along the tourist corridor of Tulum’s beach road. Promoted by  Armextur SA de CV, the hotel is spouted to “generate an environment of well-being and tranquillity where the existing vegetation will be integrated. Local materials will be used such as stone shell and bamboo among others, to create a greater union with the environment.” So far, it’s well-suited to the Tulum vibe.

However, the hotel has ran into difficulty regarding the proposed land for the site. Comprising of  7.6 thousand square meters in the prime tourist area of Tulum, the hotel hoped to gain a permit to change the current land use. As it stands, the proposed land is a forested area that is protected from construction. Despite Hotel Arena’s plans to ‘integrate’ the ‘existing vegetation,’ damage to the surrounding nature and wildlife would be inevitable to a certain extent. For example, the project was to include six 2-story, bamboo commercial buildings. This is as well as the rooms and general facilities of the hotel. For this reason,  Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) has refused their request to change the land use. It seems that, for Hotel Arena to go ahead, they will need to find a new location to begin construction.

Tulum Real Estate Protected

New developments are always important for the growth of a tourism community. However, Tulum’s reputation relies on the presence of natural beauty. This includes both the luscious jungle and postcard-worthy beaches that Tulum is famous for. It’s true, the secret of Tulum is well and truly out of the bag. Yet it is still important for the municipality to restrict developments in a bid to create more sustainable growth.

Why is this good for Tulum real estate?

Trinity Tulum real estate
Trinity Tulum – Front

Making sure that Tulum develops in a sustainable manner ensures the longevity of your real estate investment. Whether you’re investment acts as a second home or you use it as a vacation rental, Semarnat’s work is important. Protecting the natural environment makes sure that Tulum remains true to it’s roots. Restricting large developments in sensitive areas also avoids a flooding of the market. This means your vacation rental stays as in-demand as always.

It’s inevitable that Tulum real estate will continue it’s momentous growth in the coming years. But for the sake of the town that you can’t help but fall in love with, sometimes tough love is what’s needed.