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Tulum Real Estate: How to Decorate in True Tulum Style

Calling someone ‘a local’ in Tulum includes a broad spectrum of people that have come to call this bohemian destination ‘Home’. Around 20,000 people now live in Tulum and they are an eclectic mix. Mexicans from far and wide have relocated to this area for work. Travellers arrive and decide to stay for awhile. Then you have trendy city-dwellers from large metropolitan areas such as Brooklyn and L.A who have flown south of the border. This mix of cultures and aesthetics has resulted in a true Tulum style of interior design that you can use to decorate your property. Whether you have invested in a prime piece of Tulum real estate or you want to bring Tulum home with you, here’s how to achieve that tranquil Tulum vibe.

Decorate Your Home Like a Prime Piece of Tulum Real Estate:

Mexico has an old and diverse history that incorporates ancient cultures and international influence. These different influences have amalgamated into an inspired approach to design that has birthed the movement of Mexican Modernism. Having started in the 20th century, Mexican Modernism combines indigenous materials and craftsmanship with European style such as French Neoclassicism.

Tulum real estate perfectly captures this blended approach with beautifully backdrops of cerulean sea and lush jungle. A focus on the wild surroundings is important, with clean, modern lines accentuating the use natural materials and bringing a minimalist feel to spaces.

Here’s a few ideas on how to approach your decorating your Tulum real estate:

#1 Bring the Outdoors In:

Due to a temperate climate all-year long, borders between outside and inside start to break down. Interior design in Tulum focuses on accentuating the natural surroundings. So, include some greenery, natural materials and even a lazy hammock.

tulum real estate interior design

#2 Raw, Organic Textures:

White cotton, driftwood, stone and thatched roofing are the epitome of Tulum interiors. Think stone floors, raw wood furniture and dreamy canopies of netting and cheesecloth.

tulum real estate interior design

#3 European Vintage:

For a touch of glamour that represents the European influence on the Riviera Maya, add a few well placed vintage finds in unexpected places. For example, a chic chandelier handing from a tree, a claw footed bathtub and ornate mirrors are all feature pieces that give an old-world feel.

tulum real estate interiors

#4 Minimalism:

Less is definitely more in Tulum. A pared back, yet luxurious feel is apparent in many Tulum interiors. This is often what lures visitors to this Riviera Maya treasure. As a result, white-washed walls and neutral hues are popular. Simplistic yet superior design, geometric shapes and metallic accents bring a calm, open feel to the space.


tulum real estate interiors

#5 Local Art:

Finally we come to the key element of any interior: art. Local art serves as an antithesis to the pared-back colour schemes and minimalism. Strong and colourful focal points of traditional Mexican art is a main aspect of Mexican Modernism. Including sculptures, pottery or woven materials and wall hangings will pay homage to the rich history of Tulum.

tulum real estate interior

Whether you’ve invested in your own personal piece of Tulum real estate or you’re dreaming of bringing Tulum back to your daily life, there are simple ways to include that Caribbean cabana feel wherever you go.