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The Fives, Playa Del Carmen

Mexico is a dream and many people are making that dream a reality. Live and Invest Overseas names Mexico as the U.S’s most popular expat destination. Home to vibrant metropolitan areas and some of the best beaches in the world, according to National Geographic  and Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards, it’s no surprise that Mexico is so popular with U.S citizens. However, when researching Mexico, it becomes clear that visitors are motivated by either lifestyle or investment. It seems many people feel they need to make a choice – but why not choose both? The Fives Playa Del Carmen combines a luxurious lifestyle with trustworthy investment opportunities so you don’t have to choose.

beach riviera maya

Lifestyle vs Investment

There’s no need to convince you of the quality of life that Mexico can offer. In 2016, Mexico was ranked #4 in Quality of Life for Expats and bagged the top spot for the Ease of Settling part of the Quality of Life Index. Thanks to friendly locals, plenty of expats, cheap living and those beaches, it’s easy to understand why Mexico is so popular for people looking to make a lifestyle change. Whether it’s full-time, part-time or just the annual family holiday – Mexico is obviously the place to go. 

investment vs lifestyle

But what about investment? In recent years Mexico has become the place to invest your money, if not your time. International Living champions Mexico’s growing investment scene. Mexico has a stable local currency that reached an all-time high in January 2017. However the USD still offers a very favourable exchange rate to MXN meaning you get more for your money. International Living suggests that on top of the favourable currency rates, Mexico is ‘well positioned for growth’.  In addition, it also has an ‘openness to foreign investment,’ meaning it’s now easier than ever for U.S nationals to invest. All of these factors combined mean ‘investing in Mexico today offers high rewards with limited risk.’


The Fives Playa Del Carmen

the fives playa del carmenThe Fives is a 5 star, luxury hotel and residences owned by TM Real estate Group. It is located in Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya which Live and Invest Overseas recognises as ‘the holy grail of beach resort rental opportunities.’  Half way between Cancun and Tulum, Playa Del Carmen is fantastically located for exploring the Riviera Maya.  

The Fives resort offers world-class gourmet restaurants, lively bars, a private beach club and an abundance of activities that include scuba diving, sea fishing, golfing and horse riding to name but a few. This is all set in a beautiful resort with a luxury plaza. The Fives Playa Del Carmen knows how to make people keep coming back.


The Fives Playa Del Carmen Luxury Residences

Want a more permanent piece of The Fives Playa Del Carmen? You can invest in their Rental Pool Program. In 2008, The Fives launched their first private residences which consists of luxury condos on site in their Playa Del Carmen resort. Since then, the program has expanded. This year will welcome a new private residences development in downtown Playa Del Carmen.


Why is The Fives Rental Pool Program So Popular?

The Fives Playa Del Carmen

There are many common issues that face investors purchasing rental properties. From finding clients to managing bookings and dealing with repairs and maintenance, investing in a little slice of paradise can end up a full-time job. The Fives Playa Del Carmen does the leg work for you, so you don’t have to. As a result, You get to keep your little your piece of paradise and make a return on your investment.


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