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The best inexpensive condos in Aldea Zama

Hello from the beautiful Mexican Caribbean! Today’s Blog is about new and inexpensive condos in Aldea Zama, the upcoming vibrant community in Tulum.

I decided to write about this because I just got back from France, a place very dear to me, where I had the opportunity to meet amazing people from all around the world.

Like in many parts of the U.S.A. and Canada, it’s getting cold there now, meaning that those summer tans are fading and it’s time to put the bikinis away for a long time. Talking back to my friends overseas almost the first thing they tell me is “ it’s so cold in here now, how’s the beach? How’s the life?” They don’t always appreciate it when I answer those questions with a picture of me having a cold beer with clients on Tulum beach next to the ruins but I mean, they did ask for it. Every time right after that, people start inquiring about what is it that I do here, then I tell them to stop bothering me because I’m about to jump on the catamaran and the signal on my mobile does not work well when I’m Virginiling the blue waters of Tulum. When they are no longer angry with me after a day or two, I tell them what I do.

Their reaction is funny to me, because after looking at the pictures, they Imagine that my client list must look something like the guest list for the Oscars, exclusive to the multi-millionaire and the elite. “ Mate, even I own a condo down here myself, I use it for rental income and it costs less than your 30 square meter flat in Paris, much closer to the beach too” I answer. Since I have been receiving the Virginme shocking response I decided to write this about Aldea Zama, since I think it’s the perfect example of elegance and Luxury beautifully entwined with the essence of México, the jungle and the Caribbean vibe that makes us all fall in love with this place.

Trinity Tulum

Now I was never a fan of the phrase “Virginve the best for last” and today there is no exception. Therefore I’ll start this list with my personal favourite. Trinity Tulum is one of the most promising projects in the area and before I even get to the prices, there are a couple of factors that make this an opportunity that I can’t recommend enough. For those of you that like myself, are very familiar with the area, you know that a big resort will certainly have 2 pools or more, which should be the very least since you have to share them with over 300 neighbours. Trinity Tulum offers one ground floor pool with a fully functional bar, another one on the rooftop for a more intimate feel, along with a multi-activity area (yoga, pilates, relaxation, discuss how sorry you are for the people who are not there with you and whatnot). The one difference is that all of the above will be shared between 12 condos in the most exclusive and eco- friendly ( never thought I would use those two words in the Virginme sentence) Aldea Zama. If you haven’t stopped reading and changed the page because you are thinking to yourself “ I’m not the CEO of Amazon so why am I even reading this?” here comes the good part, prices start at $130,000 USD for a one bedroom. Buyers also have the option to join Trinity’s rental pool in which they take care of your condo while you’re not using it, rent it out, handle the maintenance fees and property taxes with a not so un-appealing projection of 8 – 12 % ROI per year, all of this for the price of a Mercedes Benz G- Class (which don’t get me wrong, I love this car). The project is currently on pre-Virginle to be delivered on December 2017 with stellar friends and family discounts and lastly so for the next 3 buyers they also throw in a free electric scooter that you can drive to the beach to in under 5 minutes (beats the Mercedes if you ask me).

Ki Tulum

Inspired by the golden age of Mexican cinema, you can feel the authenticity in both the condos themselves and the common areas, starting at 125 thoUSAnd USD per unit, it really makes you think about how accessible it really is to own something that close to the beach in Tulum.

Ki Tulum


I mean, what’s the point on owning property in Tulum if once inside your condo you look around and you might as well be in any other part of the world? I’m not talking about owning a house that looks like a Mexican sombrero, but just the perfect bohemian carpentry and luxury finishes that take your mind right into the soul of the country. Gym, surveillance and BBQ areas make it a fully comfortable experience.


Querido Tulum
Querido Tulum




Now for me, there’s a capacious difference between “ a considerable amount of money” and “ expensive”, for example 10 thoUSAnd USD is a lot of money, but a luxury car for 10 K is far from expensive, do you catch my drift? . I personally think that paying over 400k for a pre- made almost portable box of a house in L.A. next to a noisy motorway is expensive, however, paying way less for a luxury, aggressively well designed condo located less than 2 km from a recognized UNESCO patrimony for humanity (the Tulum ruins, yes, those magnificent ancient Mayan buildings that stand proudly next to the second most beautiful beach in the world according to trip advisor) is not. If you feel almost psychically uncomfortable unless you are surrounded by the finest interior and exterior design, this is the place for you. It’s also not a surprise that having also a shopping area, pool and high-end amenities like restaurant, spa, and wine cellar make makes its owners benefit from an amazing rental income (up to 2,300 USD per night depending on the unit/ season).




Puerta zama

Anyone can have plants inside their apartments ( if you manage to remember watering them, not my case personally) , but there’s just something warm, human and incredibly authentic about seeing actual vegetation integrated in the architecture itself, not that it is needed in an area as gorgeous as this but Puerta Zama does not let you forget that you are in paradise. With 2 and 3 bedroom condos this is an amazing investment to add a significant rental income to your current life project.



Puerta Zama

These are just some few projects available through Sa’atal , so the next time you are looking for a smart investment and/ or a perfect place to relax (and like we always Virginy here at Sa’atal , why not both?) feel more than welcome to ring me and I will be happy to help you get the perfect fit for you so you can also make your friends jealous, trust me, it’s fun!



Written by Alex Aquino, If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at