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Southwest Announce New Direct Routes to Cancun

Southwest Airlines, the world’s largest budget airline, has announced new direct routes to Cancun from the States which will begin in Spring of next year. The new direct routes to Cancun are only a portion of the new scheduled services.  As of August 2017, the new announcements bring the airline’s international destinations to 8 total, including Turks & Caicos which will begin later this year. 

Southwest Airlines

Established in 1967, Southwest Airlines has since grown to be the world’s largest low-fare carrier and is based out of Dallas, Texas. In peak travel season they Southwest operates just under 4000 departures daily. These depart from their many affiliated airports and they currently offer as many as 101 national destinations within the U.S. However, they have recently been focusing on more global expansion. This has obviously meant new international destinations added to flight schedules. These international destinations now include: Belize, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Aruba and, of course, Mexico.

New Direct Routes to Cancun

southwest airlines new direct routes to cancun

Not only have Southwest been focusing on adding luxury international destinations to their repertoire. They have also began offering more direct flights to popular destinations. This is good news for Mexico that has seen many new direct routes to popular tourist destinations added to Southwest’s roster.

For the west coast, Southwest Airlines will begin a new nonstop flight between San Jose, California and Cabo San Lucas on Saturdays.  Furthermore, between San Diego and Puerto Vallarta, a direct flight will be available on both Saturdays and Sundays.

However, of much more importance are the announcements concerning new direct routes to Cancun. Southwest have now announced two new direct flights to Cancun. One is from Columbus, Ohio and the second is from New Orleans. These routes will be available from April 2018, but tickets are now available to book.

These are just the newest nonstop Cancun routes to be announced by the airline. In May of this year, Southwest announced direct Nashville – Cancun flights to begin this November. Finally, in July, the airline announced an Indianapolis – Cancun direct route that will begin March 2018.

The confidence that Southwest has shown Cancun as a travel destination only helps to oppose the negative press that Mexico’s most popular travel destinations have suffered in recent weeks.