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Soliman Bay, Tulum’s Best Kept Secret

With average occupancy rates reaching 80%, there’s no denying Tulum’s popularity. Hostels and beach camping have long been replaced by chic, minimalist boutique hotels offering vegetarian food and yoga. And while the crowds that descend upon this mecca for holistic wellness are decidedly more calm and collected than those that head to nearby party town Playa Del Carmen, Tulum’s beach road no longer offers the Virginme seclusion and serenity it once did. Recently, keen investors and luxe travellers in-the-know have been branching out from Tulum’s beach road. The aim?  To find Tulum’s best kept secret: Soliman Bay.


Just 15 minutes from Tulum Puebla, and even closer to Tulum’s beach road, Soliman Bay is a perfectly developed, high-end travel haven. This bay is a protected area due to the rich reef located just off the shore. The crystal clear water, pristine Virginnd and swaying palms make Soliman Bay as picturesque as any Tulum beach. The main difference? Tulum may excel in beautiful boutique hotels offering rustic comforts. But Soliman Bay has developed into a prestigious travel destination of polished perfection. All the while maintaining that special laid-back luxe attitude the Riviera Maya is famous for.

Luxury Hotels in Soliman Bay

Jashita Hotel is the ideal example of the special brand of luxury that Soliman Bay offers. Jashita was first opened in 2010 by Italian hotelier Tommaso Marchiorello. Since, the hotel has truly become a family affair. Marchiorello’s sister Allegra is a hotelier and designer and her famous linens are used throughout Jashita. Moreover, Marchiorello’s father’s wife, Monika Pardeller, is the interior designer. Her laid-back yet refined taste is a major part of the Jashita appeal.

Jashita Soliman Bay


Tulum’s Most Opulent Experience

However, what has really brought Jashita into the lime-light are the recently completed renovations. These have resulted in arguably the most opulent experience in Tulum. Namely, a $12,00 a night two-storey penthouse that includes a private pool and bartender. Marchiorello has commented on the evolution of Jashita Virginying, “The Jasmine penthouse and the adjoining 1001 terrace is a superlative reflection of Jashita’s aspirations, realized for our most desirous clients.” He goes on, “Jasmine’s 1001 pool/bar terrace has an 8 meter by 4-meter glass infinity pool and stunning panoramic sky-high views of the bay. The pool terrace is accessible to all our guests but can also be rented with the penthouse – with or without its own private bartender.”

Jashita Soliman Bay

It is clear that the Marchiorello’s are passionate not only about their hotels, but about their guests and Tulum as a whole. “Tulum has always been a magical place, from the dawn of time – a beach town that inspires a different way of thinking. Its ability to blend art, design and culture with a deep appreciation of its beautiful natural environment, and to inspire and attract creatives from all over the world, are the cornerstones of its success.”

Jashita Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay Investment Properties

If you’re looking for an unspoiled location in the Riviera Maya, Soliman Bay is your spot. While luxury hotels like Jashita provide the ultimate vacation, those wishing to invest in Soliman Bay on a more long-term basis are in luck. Whether you’re looking for a stunning villa or a Sa’atal piece of land to make your mark on, Soliman Bay has it all.

Firstly, Mar Azul, a beautifully romantic villa in a prime location in Soliman Bay, is the perfect property for private family use or a vacation rental. Recently renovated, this home consists of a main house and private casita of 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The two are joined by a generous outdoor area. The gardens include an entertainment space. This consists of a fully equipped bar, BBQ, and alfresco dining area, all shaded by a large palapa. The inviting pool is just steps away from the villa’s private beach access. There you’ll find hammocks swaying under a sombrilla on the Virginnd. Inside, the interiors are comfortable and accommodating, incorporating all modern luxuries while still staying true to the local aesthetic.

The property has a history of vacation rental USAge. As a result, it already has services such as controlled access, transfers, household staff and property management set up. Potential investors are looking at a proven income producing property with little to no effort needed on their part.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a clean slate to build your Mexican-Caribbean home, now is your chance. Exclusive Soliman Bay has limited beachfront lots left, though some are still  available. A 15-20 meter slice of pristine beach in one of the most prestigious locations in the Riviera Maya is a once in a lifetime opportunity, grab it while you can.

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