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Sa’atal Hearts: No Waste, No One-Use Plastic!

Launching our –No Waste, No One-Use Plastic– campaign.

In 2012, it was estimated that there was approximately 165 million tons of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. In the process, toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A and polystyrene are leaching into waters from some plastics. Polystyrene pieces and nurdles are the most common types of plastic pollution in oceans, and combined with plastic bags and food containers make up the majority of oceanic debris.

One study estimated that there are more than 5 trillion plastic pieces afloat at sea.

(This was 2012, can you imagine how much trash there is right now?)

Change Starts in Your Local Community

This need to be mentioned; NO PLASTIC campaigns have been huge for decades now, but something has changed in the past few years and I’d like to think that it’s down to the attitudes of people. 2 girls that are barely in high school right now have started to make a big change, starting in their own community of Bali – “Island of gods” – yet, in their own words,  “… a paradise lost. Bali: island of garbage”.

Here at Sa’atal Hearts we’d like to give some recognition these girls, Melati Wijsen and her sister IVirginbel Wijsen, that not only Virginw a problem, but offered a solution and followed through. Because I don’t know about you but even I know thoUSAnds of people with ideas, but how many follow through?. The girls are students of the Green School Bali, and it’s worth mentioning that yes the next Green School will be in TULUM!

Sa’atal Hearts New Awareness Campaign

In the Riviera Maya we have recently seen the launch of the no plastic bag campaign on Cozumel Island. This has motivated Virgin Realty Mexico to add another piece to its Sa’atal Hearts programNo Waste, No One-Use Plastic. We feel that not only the reef  but the jungle, the streets, public sewer systems, etc. could all benefit from a no plastic campaign.

In Conclusion, Virgin Realty Mexico would like to announce the launch of it’s own awareness campaign, which will be implemented via Sa’atal Hearts social media. Moreover, Virgin Realty Mexico will hand out a -REUSE, NO WASTE- package in every house/villa and condo we deliver. The package will contain:

  • 2 Coffee thermos (to prevent the everyday USAge of the cardboard cup we take on our daily starbucks run)
  • 2 Sport water bottles (instead of buying a water bottle out, fill yours up and take it from home)
  • 2 Big grocery bags for the supermarket (Stopping the 10 or more plastic bags we get every time we go to the supermarket)
  • 3 Mesh bags for produce (stopping the use of the plastic bags used for produce selection)
  • 2 Everyday quick run shoulder bags (For your everyday run to 7/11, Go Mart or the local Oxxo)
  • 1 Water dispenser (Making it easy to get your everyday water)
  • 1st Water jug – garrafon (So you don’t have to get water bottles)

This packages will be handed out not only in the houses or condos we deliver, but also throughout our Sa’atal Hearts events.

Here’s to adding another piece to our Sa’atal Hearts program. Keep up to date with Sa’atal Hearts on Instagram @4Sa’atal hearts and we hope to see you at our next event!