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Riviera Maya Reef To Be Insured!

It’s undeniable – the Riviera Maya is the place to invest in Mexico. Affordable, high-end properties, a demanding tourism industry and stunning natural beauty such as the Riviera Maya reef make an investors dream location.
However, when investing in a touristic area, not only is it important to consider the a growing tourism industry and the opportunities that affords. It’s also necesary to consider how growing tourism will affect the area. A key question many investors tend to overlook is: Can the area withstand the number of tourists and maintain sustainable growth?

Evolution has arrived to the Riviera Maya area. The reality of this is that things are inevitably changing at a quite unprecedented rate. From vital infrastructure to  the number of people you’ll share a beer with on the beach, the Riviera Maya is growing in all directions. This change is by no means a bad thing for the local economy and it’s definitely not a bad thing for your investment.

Riviera Maya Reef

Riviera Maya reefHowever, unnatural levels of growth are bound to have an impact on the very natural that draws so many tourists to this special strip of the Mexican Caribbean coast. Environmentalists, and nature-loving locals, are concerned with the toll that increased tourism is having on the natural wonders of the Riviera Maya. Namely, the Riviera Maya reef or the Great Maya Reef, to use it’s official moniker.
Due to acidification of the oceans, climate change, plastic waste and human exploitation, the health of coral reefs the world over is suffering. Coral reefs are the rain forests of our oceans. On a grand scale, they are vital to ensuring a sustainable environment for the people and animals who call Earth home.  On a more local scale, coral reefs provide the Riviera Maya coast with invaluable protection against raging storms. All of this is at stake if our coral reefs are damaged beyond recognition.
Tourists are flocking to the Riviera Maya to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the beaches, Caribbean sea and sprawling jungle. However they are ultimately damaging that very beauty.

Coral Reef Conservation

Finally, we have good news. Increasing growth in the Riviera Maya tourism has actually become beneficial towards environmental efforts. This year alone hasRiviera Maya reef seen more conservation efforts towards natural areas and animal wildlife than ever before.
*the Akumal monkey Sanctuary opened this year, using its proceeds to educate the public on animal protection through interaction.
*Akumal Bay  new regulation standards that brought down the number of tourists per day allowed on the reef. This is to reduce reef damage.
And now thanks to national and international efforts, our reef line is the first one to be insured. And the payout will be up to 70 million dollars. This is thanks to an insurance policy pioneered by the insurance company Swiss Re and a US environmental charity, Nature Conservancy. The scheme will operate on a collective pot. This will be paid into by local organizations that depend on the tourism industry. This policy will cover a 60km stretch of the Riviera Maya reef and it’s connected beach. If damage is done to the insured land, the insurer will pay out. Sums are expected to be between $25 and $70 million dollars in any given year.
Payouts will be used to fund restoration of the reef. This includes developing artificial structures and removing and ‘resting’ current corals in order to encourage regrowth.

The Future of the Riviera Maya Reef Looks Bright

There will be a growing number of tourists in the coming years. However small and big companies have come to a realization. If they are to continue they must protect their real investment, that is, the natural beauty of this area.
Still think the beauty of this place is going anywhere?