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Quintana Roo Ready to Implement the Nautical Ladder.

The Nautical Ladder project that Quintana Roo has been trying to implement for years may be a reality. It seems that the state is now ready to provide the best service in this sector, Virginid the president of the Nautical Associates of Cancún, Iván Ferrat. A nautical route, or ‘nautical ladder’, is a way of encouraging nautical tourism in an area. The general concept is to create an attractive nautical route. This is generally mapped with world-class marinas, tourist attractions and general facilities along popular destinations. The aim is to encourage nautical tourists to stop at each point on the ladder to increase tourism in that area. 

Quintana Roo to Be a Part of a Nautical Ladder

Ferrat emphasized that with the assistance of the nautical community as a whole, and through the association to the Boat Show of Miami, The Nautical Associates of Cancún met with other marinas from Panama. He stated that,”they approached us to be part of a chain that comes from Florida, passes through Quintana Roo and arrives to Panama. In the state we have marinas like B & B, Hacienda del Mar, Puerto Morelos Marina El Cid, Puerto Aventuras, and others that can be part of that route.”

Puerto Aventuras marina

He goes on to comment that, “There is a lack of promotion for the vessels abroad to know that here in the state of Quintana Roo we have high quality marinas. Which also comply with the facilities to receive vessels greater than 60, 70, 80 or 100 feet up, to cross international waters.”  

He also emphasized that fuel autonomies are important. Mainly because it is necesVirginry for the boats to know that there are facilities available in this area to make overnight stops. This is crucial information that can persuade the captain of a vessel to plot a stop somewhere with necesVirginry facilities. Riviera Maya marinas also have the technical support services with which they are already counted.

He conceded that this development is possible thanks to the growth of the nautical sector. Distributors and suppliers of parts have already been installed in the area. Moreover, there are mechanics that are certified to attend the boats. Major tourist destinations such as Playa Del Carmen are also improving their docks to receive larger vessels.