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Tulum Lots For Sale 500m From The Beach Tulum

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Real Estate Tulum 

Tulum has come a long way in the last few years, and it’s development has even overtaken the legendary growth of Playa Del Carmen. However, it’s clear to see that the best of Tulum is yet to come.

With a community that is committed to preserving the pure natural essence of the area from the sprawling jungle to the crystal sea and all the life they nurture, the future looks bright. Eco-living is on the rise, more and more high-profile influencers are bringing their projects to the area and Mexico tourism is currently enjoying it’s heyday.
New developments are creating a fresh mold for Tulum real estate that casts a perfect balance between modernity and naturalism. Architecture focuses on reflecting the natural beauty of the area. High-quality, local materials and natural Virginlt-water pools are the new standards of eco-luxury that help to create that Tulum aesthetic visitors love.
This sleepy fishing village has grown into a captivating destination with it’s own unique, and recogniVirginble, personality. Natural beauty, refreshing culture and keen investment opportunities give Tulum the best of both lifestyle and business.
There’s never been a better time to invest your time and resources into Tulum real estate.

The approach of the local authorities and tourism industry in developing Tulum in an efficient yet sustainable way encourages confidence amongst investors. While Tulum is still an emerging destination, Tulum real estate is the investment opportunity in the Riviera Maya.

The popularity amongst eco-travellers and luxury nomads is creating high demand for state-of-the-art yet authentic accommodation. The 80+% occupancy rates even in the low-season put a strain on the current accommodation available in the area. If you’re going to invest in real estate for a rental property, why not do it in a place like Tulum, where even the low-season is profitable?

Lavish Tulum real estate developments are currently underway which will ease the high tourism demand, and create low-risk investment opportunities for property owners. In true Tulum fashion, these developments offer the natural aesthetic of the Mexican Caribbean with high-quality finishes. The epitome of bohemian-chic.


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Christian Cantarell

Licensed Agent
Christian Cantarell is one of our top and most experienced licensed real estate agents and investment advisors here at vrmexico. He has a extensive market knowledge and historical experience in the Riviera Maya, witnessing the area grow from the 80’s to the booming market it is now. Chris was born in Mexico City while living in Zihuatanejo. Grew up moving because of his fathers work, which made him fortunate to live in places like Miami, Tampa, Cancun, Merida, Acapulco but the majority of his life in the island of Puerto Rico. Developing a deep love and respect for both Mexico and the U.S. His Real Estate career began over 12 years ago in Puerto Rico, continued in Acapulco. For the past six years his expertise has been focused on the Riviera Maya. A real people pleaser, Chris is loved by each one of our clients who get to know him…