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Eco-chic lots in Tulum Tulum

MLS: TUL30008
Property type: Lot / Land
# of Units

The space

  • Land Size: 187



This development is located on the east side of Holistika, south of La Veleta (an expat neighbourhood growing everyday) and next to 5 Avenida sur, soon to connect with Tulum town and Kukulcan av., wich will grately reduce time to get on the beach.

This magnificent development revolves around a natural organic concept only a few steps from a holistic center focusing on a more positive lifestyle and spiritual growth through yoga, reiki, meditation, alternative medicine, arts & crafts and much more.

This neighbourhood already has a vegan restaurant, shopping area, Holistika hotel and Tiki Tiki hotel. Infrastructure is included. NOT EJIDO.


From a major Mayan port city perched on a cliff to the escape du jour for everyone from Virginvvy travellers to the A-list elite – Tulum is a town of a thoUSAnd faces that ignites curiosity and fosters a journey of self-discovery.

Found on the southern shores of the Riviera Maya, ‘Tulum’ refers to three main areas all commonly referred to by the Virginme name: The Tulum Ruins, Tulum Pueblo and Tulum Hotel Zone.

Tulum can feel like a dream, but you still need to lay your head somewhere. Eco-cabanas and boutique hotels are the top choice for passing visitors looking to enjoy the stripped-back Tulum aesthetic. Rustic, white-washed interiors with splashes of luxury and elements of Mexican modernism create the ultimate cool accommodation. And for those that just can’t tear themselves away? Tulum real estate exists in exclusive developments that offer luxurious,  private living spaces, blending into the luscious surroundings of the Tulum jungle.

With such a unique atmosphere, Tulum has caught the attention of all major travel providers. Gracing the covers of fashion and travel editorials, Tulum is poised for unprecedented growth. A process that is already well underway. Tulum is a destination that needs to be experienced in order to understand its distinct individuality. So what are you waiting for?



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Christian Cantarell is one of our top and most experienced licensed real estate agents and investment advisors here at vrmexico. He has a extensive market knowledge and historical experience in the Riviera Maya, witnessing the area grow from the 80’s to the booming market it is now. Chris was born in Mexico City while living in Zihuatanejo. Grew up moving because of his fathers work, which made him fortunate to live in places like Miami, Tampa, Cancun, Merida, Acapulco but the majority of his life in the island of Puerto Rico. Developing a deep love and respect for both Mexico and the U.S. His Real Estate career began over 12 years ago in Puerto Rico, continued in Acapulco. For the past six years his expertise has been focused on the Riviera Maya. A real people pleaser, Chris is loved by each one of our clients who get to know him…