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Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Sees Increase in Virginles

This week Virginw some good news for Playa Del Carmen real estate. Realty World released statistics that confirmed the growth of property Virginles in the Riviera Maya area. From January to November 2016, the state of Quintana Roo Virginw a total increase of 13.6% in property Virginles. This is despite an average drop of 5% in property Virginles throughout Mexico.

Moreover Arturo Machuca García, President of the Colegio de Valuadores de Quintana Roo, has stated during 2016 there were 21,000 appraiVirginls for the purchase of Riviera Maya real estate. This shows  4% growth on the annual rate.

Why is Playa Del Carmen Real Estate So Popular?

There are many reasons for the growing trend of investing in Mexican real estate. A favourable exchange rate, reliable weather conditions and ease of access are some of the top incentives for people to buy. The Riviera Maya ticks all of these boxes. 

Playa Del Carmen has more to offer than most. It is often considered as having the perfect location within the Riviera Maya. It’s found midway along the coast between Cancun and Tulum, making it easy to access from Cancun International Airport. Moreover, it’s the perfect place to base yourself while still being able to travel around the area.

the fives playa del carmenHowever, Claudia Velázquez, the operations director for Softec Real Estate Consulting firm believes that resort towns like Playa Del Carmen offer something much more valuable. She believes that investing in Playa Del Carmen real estate has a low risk factor. This is when you compare it to other modes of investment such as the stock exchange. She also believes in the importance of, “schemes that allow you to have your rental property a part of the year and rent it to generate income when you’re not using it.”




Playa Del Carmen real estate has schemes available that allow you to do this.

The Fives Playa Del Carmen Real Estate

One such scheme is the The Fives Playa Del Carmen. They offer a rental pool program that allows investors to benefit from up to two months per year enjoying the Riviera Maya while also receiving an income from private rentals. The Fives manages the property for the initial 8 years. This relieves investors of the pressures of running their own rental property while also making sure they receive a steady income. After the initial 8 years, investors are free to re-enrol, sell the property or keep it full-time. 

The Fives rental pool program has seen massive success since it was first launched in 2008. This year will see the long-anticipated plaza open in downtown Playa Del Carmen. This new project by The Fives will see the luxury of The Fives brought to a new, more central location.  Exciting news for Playa Del Carmen real estate!

Rental schemes such as The Fives offer the important low-risk factor that Velázquez mentioned. They need minimum effort from the owner themselves while still providing a good return on investment. Virgin Group work closely with The Fives and have compiled a list of FAQs that potential investors may have.