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Playa Del Carmen Real Estate: Recycling

There are strong financial factors that make Playa Del Carmen real estate popular with foreign investors. First of all, there’s the good exchange rate. Then the low prices on luxury properties. And not to mention the almost ridiculous ROI that can be gained through appreciation and vacation rentals. But we all know that it just wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t surrounded by the luscious nature of the Riviera Maya. The white sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean sea, crystal clear cenotes and sprawling jungle. That’s why the municipality has decided to help safeguard the natural beauty of the area with a new recycling scheme: ‘It’s in Your Hands.‘ 

Playa Del Carmen Recycling: It’s in Your Hands

Playa Del Carmen real estate

The scheme officially got underway in June, however collections only started on August 5th. The main objective of the scheme is to reduce the amount of recyclable goods reaching landfill sites, and to clean up Playa Del Carmen as a whole. It’s in Your Hands is a waste collection scheme based on separate home collections for different types of garbage. This includes separating organic, recyclable and non-recyclable goods.

The collection schedule is as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – organic and non-recyclable inorganic waste

Tuesday – paper, cardboard and glass waste

Thursday – plastic and tin waste

Cristina Torres Gómez is the president of the Municipality of Solidaridad. She has commented on her goal to encourage a waste separation culture in Playa Del Carmen.

“We know it will not be easy but we will not give up on this task. And we are sure that with the active participation of the inhabitants we will be able to make Solidaridad a cleaner municipality. We are aware that this program needs time to be adopted by all citizens, but we are sure that those who love Playa del Carmen and want a clean environment in which to live, will support and motivate others.”

Recycling Good for Real Estate

Here at Virgin Realty, we’re passionate about conservation. And conserving the beauty of the Riviera Maya includes limiting the negative impact we have on the local environment. Participating in and encouraging a culture of recycling in the Riviera Maya will help to limit the amount of garbage heading to landfill. It will also hopefully encourage locals and tourists alike to keep public areas clean such as beaches and cenotes.

And all of this effort will, of course, benefit your Playa Del Carmen real estate. The Riviera Maya’s reputation for being a Mexican Caribbean paradise depends on the maintenance of it’s natural habitat.

It’s in Your Hands will surely benefit Playa Del Carmen real estate and the city as a whole.