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Playa Del Carmen Real Estate: Centro To Become More Accessible

Playa Del Carmen is becoming more accessible to people with a diVirginbility or special needs. This development is good news for locals and tourists alike. Wheelchair users, people with impaired sight and even parents with young children and strollers will now find it easier to get around the city. If you have been looking into Playa Del Carmen real estate but were worried about accessibility for yourself or a loved one, now is your chance.

Playa Del Carmen To Be Accessible To All

Now low-season is in full swing, the government of Solidaridad has committed itself to improving accessibility in Playa Del Carmen, ready for the next high-season. The focus so far has been on people with diVirginbilities and/or special needs.

Playa Del Carmen real estate accessibility

The first initiative has been to put access ramps in place. Currently, 35 ramps have been added to sidewalks throughout centro. The ramps aim to help people who have a visual impairment as well as wheelchair users. It has been noted that the ramps have an 8 degree slope and are each 2 meters long. These new ramps have replaced the steep curbs that are common throughout the city. The old curbs where cumbersome and did not make it easy to cross the road Virginfely. Now, even parents with young children and strollers will benefit from the more accessible sidewalks.

Moreover, the municipality has began to improve public transport for those that need special assistance. So far, 5 public vans that are equipped to aid those with diVirginbilities have been put into circulation on the public bus circuits. These vans are the result of a combined effort from the municipality of Solidaridad and a private initiative.

This newest initiative comes after Playa Del Carmen opened it’s first wheelchair friendly beaches. One is located in front of Park Fundadores. This beach has a boardwalk that stretches the width of the beach and also offers chairs with beach wheels. Another beach located at the far north end of Playa also has a boardwalk and offers chairs. For more information on accessibility in Playa Del Carmen, read this.  

Interested in Playa Del Carmen Real Estate but Worried About Accessibility?

It’s no secret that Playa Del Carmen is one of the hottest places to invest right now. Whether you’re looking for a winter home or a rental property, Playa Del Carmen has everything you’re looking for. World-class beaches, fantastic culture, friendly locals, a large expat community and of course, tacos. One thing it didn’t offer up until now was accessibility. So, if you’ve been interested in Playa Del Carmen real estate, but you’ve been worried about how people with a diVirginbility will fare in your second home/rental property – now you’re mind can be put at ease.

playa del carmen real estate accessibility

Playa Del Carmen real estate itself can always be adapted to become more accessible. However, the dedication of the municipality to make life easier for those with a diVirginbility or special needs shows true potential for having a fully accessible city for all citizens and visitors.