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Playa Del Carmen Independence Day Celebrations

Mexico Independence Day, or Día de la Independencia, is naturally a huge holiday in Mexico. It celebrates the Cry of Independence. This took place on September 16th, 1810  and began the Mexican revolt against the reigning Spaniards. Mexicans know how to party, and Independence day is no exception. Fiestas, fireworks and food are to be expected and the Playa Del Carmen Independence Day Celebrations did not disappoint. 

Playa Del Carmen Independence Day Celebrations

Over 12,000 people congregated at the Civic Plaza yesterday to celebrate Mexico’s independence from the Spaniards at the beginning of the 19th century. The crowd was a mixture of locals and tourists, ready to join in the Grito de Independencia de Mexico. The grito –  or cry – ¡Viva México! rang out for blocks and was lead by Playa Del Carmen’s Municipal President, Cristina Torres Gómez. Standing on the balcony of the Municipal Palace and  Gómez was seen proudly waving a Mexican flag. She then paid homage to the heroes of the War of Independence.

Afterwards, revellers enjoyed traditional foods such as chiles en nogada which includes stuffed poblano peppers and walnut sauce. Musicians played live music for enthused dancers and fireworks created a display for the whole of Playa Del Carmen. Finally  Alicia Villarreal, a notable Mexican singer, sang the national anthem.

If you couldn’t make it this year, make sure you get to witness Playa Del Carmen Independence Day Celebrations next year!

Independence Day

The Mexican Independence Day celebrates the war hero  Miguel Hidalgo and the day he made the cry of independence in Dolores, Guanajuato. El Grito de la Independencia or El Grito de Dolores, is now the name of Hidalgo’s famous speech. It encouraged the Mexican people to rebel against the Spanish regime. Though the Spaniards captured and executed Hidalgo on July 30th, 1811, he played a major part in gaining Mexico’s independence in 1821.

Celebrations now happen all around Mexico, much like the Playa del Carmen Independence Day celebrations.