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New Addition to Riviera Maya Attractions

Adrenaline junkies rejoice! The already huge number of Riviera Maya attractions is about to get bigger. A new cable water-skiing and wake-boarding park will open in 2018. 

Riviera Maya Attractions

The Riviera Maya as a whole works hard to ensure that tourist have the best entertainment around. Cultural shows such as La Joya Cirque de Soleil and nature parks ran by Xcaret are firm favourites with visitors to the area. And while there are already some more adrenaline spiking activities available, a welcome addition will become available at the beginning of next year.

Riviera Maya attractions


Cable Wake Board Park

The new Cable Wake Board Park will offer water skiing and wake boarding for tourists and locals alike. The park will be located on the old site of Sonora Ranch. It’s on the Federal Highway 307, close to Playa Paraíso.

Consisting of 3 lagoons, landscaped common areas, a central building and natural jungle, the park will take up 314,000 m2. The main building will offer various facilities including a training room, an equipment rental area, a restaurant, a shop and locker rooms.

2 of the lagoons will be for cable skiing. This is a kind of water skiing where the skiier is propelled by an electric cable instead of a boat. The 2 lagoons measure about 260 meters in length and 90-130m width. The third lagoon will only be for wake boarding! With a length of almost 500 meters and a width of 70 meters, there’s more than enough room to show off a few of your tricks.

Riviera Maya attractions

This new Riviera Maya attraction is a development from the existing Mayan Cable Wake Board Park. To begin with, the project started in 2012. However it wasn’t until 2014 that the necesVirginry authorities gave permission for the project to proceed. It has been in development ever since. Finally, the beginning of 2018 will see the park taken to the next level.

Why This is Good for Your Riviera Maya Property

For the Riviera Maya to stay at the top of it’s game in the tourism industry, it’s important to keep tourists on their toes and offer some of the most thrilling experiences available. Zip lining, cave diving, scuba diving, snorkelling, whale swimming and much more are currently available. However the Riviera Maya has lacked a dedicated space for extreme water sports and Cable Wake Board Park will fix just that!

These attractions are what keep tourists coming back to the Riviera Maya, and are essentially what drive the demanding vacation rental market. The more attractions, the more tourists. And the more tourists, the better ROI on your Riviera Maya property!