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Migrants Seek Real Estate Riviera Maya

In the aftermath of the earthquake that hit central Mexico, real estate specialists believe the Mexican Caribbean will see an influx of migrants.

Real Estate Riviera Maya New Home for Mexican Migrants

Jorge Alemán Yudico, President of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), has commented on the situation. The Mexican Caribbean is a popular place for Mexicans to relocate to. Alemán Yudico states that, ” The usual is that people await to summer periods, such as July and August, to migrate to another state because of the school calendar year.” However, with the catastrophe that has affected Mexico City, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Pueblo and Morelos, Alemán Yudico went on to say that, “I believe that on this occasion they will not wait for the school year and they will be here for December to start the semester in the month of January.”

According to Alemán Yudico’s information, approximately 100 families a day are arriving to the city of Cancun alone. While there are no official projections, this figure is expected to increase by up to 100% following the damage caused by the earthquakes. Moreover, with the collapse of many office buildings having occurred, the AMPI is expecting that some companies may also choose to relocate their offices. This will in turn increase the number of workers and their families who may migrate to Quintana Roo.

While the whole of Mexico, including Quintana Roo, is focusing on rallying support for earthquake victims and reversing the damage caused, we are also ready to welcome those seeking new homes to the Riviera Maya.