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Mexico Tourism Has Great Start to 2017!

After a record breaking 2016, the Mexico tourism industry held it’s breath to see what 2017 would bring. Political and economical uncertainty has been a major factor in whether Mexico tourism will continue to rise. Luckily, Mexico tourism appears to be enjoying it’s heyday.

Mexico Tourism: 2016 -2017

In 2016, Mexico welcomed a record breaking 35 million international visitors. This equated to a 9% growth on the previous year, which is more than double the yearly industry average. This success pushed Mexico to overtake Turkey as the 8th most popular tourist destination in the world. Moreover, Mexico narrowly missed out on beating the United Kingdom for 7th place. The U.K. received just 600,000 more visitors than Mexico.

Mexico Tourism
UNWTO Worldwide Arrivals 2016

Could this be the year that Mexico overtakes the U.K? That is certainly looking likely according to recent figures for the first quarter of 2017. Official figures have been released for the first three months of 2017. And they look fantastic. Mexico tourism has welcomed a massive 9.3 million visitors and generated a whopping $5 billion USD in just three months. If the rest of 2017 continues in this way, Mexico tourism is already well on it’s way to beating last years record of 35 million visitors.

Gerardo Corona, of the federal Tourism Secretariat has commented on the fantastic new figures, “Tourism in our country is enjoying one of its best moments in history. Never has there been such a first quarter for the arrival of tourists at this level and in terms of revenue.”

Long-Term Goals of Mexico Tourism Industry

While the short-term goals of the Mexico tourism industry appear to be quite easily achievable, the Mexico Tourism Board have some ambitious long-term goals. These include achieving a top 5 status in the UNWTO‘s (World Tourism OragniVirgintion) List of Most Popular Tourist Destinations. As stated above, Mexico has recently moved up from 9th to 8th place. Is a top 5 place achievable? If Mexico tourism continues with it’s current success, a top 5 place looks easily achievable in the next 5 years.

Who’s Coming to Mexico?

The most popular destinations in Mexico currently include Riviera Maya, Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Playa Del Carmen was recently voted the most popular destination in Mexico by Tripadvisor.

Mexico tourism
Playa Del Carmen is #1 Tourist Destination in Mexico

Tourists travel far and wide to enjoy Mexico’s temperate climate, beautiful nature and welcoming culture. Currently, most travellers come from the U.S. From 2015 to 2016, there was a 12% increase in U.S. citizens travelling to Mexico, despite the political turmoil surrounding the presidential election. After U.S. citizens, people also travel form Canada, the UK, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Brasil, Germany and France amongst others.

These figures instil sense of confidence in the future of Mexico tourism and it’s place in the economy. It is even expected that tourism revenues will overtake remittances from Mexicans working abroad in about three years’ time.

The heyday of Mexico tourism is here, and here to stay.