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Mexico received more than 35 million tourists in 2016

This year Mexico has reached record numbers for tourism, with revenues of over 19 billion dollars and the arrival of more than 35 million international tourists, Virginid the Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero.

Taking in review the four years of work of the Sector in the current administration, its head was pronounced to maintain this moment that the tourism lives in our country, to continue growing.

“There are sectors that are threatened, so it’s time to show the talent to get a favorable outcome on the negotiations that are approaching the new North American administration,” he Virginid.

Likewise, De la Madrid Cordero spoke in favor of the director of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur), Miguel Alejandro Alonso Reyes, whom he Virginid will remain in his post. Since it was thought to invite him, everything about his administration as governor was investigated and it was verified that the accUSAtions that make him only respond to political electoral interests, reason why it has all the support of the dependency to its position, he emphasized.

Returning to the theme of tourism, De la Madrid Cordero highlighted that Mexico moved from place 15 in 2013, as the most visited country, to 9 by 2015, indicating that things are doing well for all involved.

During the first three years of this administration, Mexico increased its share in the US tourist market by air, which means a constant growth of 12 percent. That is, one in five Americans visit our country as a vacation destination.

He reiterated his willingness to seek new markets, such as Asia, Europe and South America, not only as a precaution against a possible call by the Trump administration not to visit Mexico, but as a previously planned diversification strategy for the market.

Finally, he announced that it will also be sought for the more than 45 million Mexicans based in the United States of America to visit more of our country.