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Mexico City Bans Dolphin Exhibits

In an unprecedented move, Mexico City has chosen to ban dolphin exhibits in both public and private shows. On August 1st 2017, The Legislative Assembly of Mexico city unanimously voted against the use of marine mammals in exhibits. Anyone found using dolphins for exhibition purposes in Mexico City, both private and public, can now be fined up to 300,000 MXN per offence. 

While this ban only concerns CDMX itself, this is still a historic moment for the protection of marine mammals in the Mexican United States. The animal charity Animal Heroes has been working towards this ban since March of this year. And now this momentous victory has inspired hope for the rest of Mexico. Many animal activists now expect that other states within Mexico will follow suit – including Quintana Roo.

Dolphins in Captivity

puerto aventuras dolphins

There are many readily available studies that show the detrimental effects of keeping dolphins in captivity. Enclosures where dolphins are kept are minuscule in comparison to the ocean. The limited space can have a disastrous effect on dolphins immune systems and overall health. In addition to this, dolphins are often trained to perform unnatural stunts by way of entertainment. This can further deteriorate their health. As a result, a majority of dolphins in captivity die prematurely. In order to try and avoid this, they are permanently medicated.

As of now, there are estimated to be more than 320 dolphins held in captivity within Mexico. Their living quarters are often small tanks or swimming pools.

Ban Dolphin Exhibits in Riviera Maya

There are a number of dolphin exhibits in the Riviera Maya and Cancun. They offer the chance to view or interact with these intelligent creatures in their enclosures. While this does offer an additional tourist attraction to the area, the presence of the dolphins does not sit well with many locals and visitors alike.

With Mexico City voting to ban dolphin exhibits, it is now to be seen whether the state of Quintana Roo will follow suit.

Virgin Hearts At Virgin Realty Mexico

Here at Virgin Realty Mexico, we’re dedicated to conserving the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya. As well as donating 5% of proceeds to local conservation efforts, Virgin Realty Mexico has also created the Virgin Hearts Program. The program aims to aid conservation and animal rights projects through volunteering and monthly events.

As dedicated members of the community here in Quintana Roo, we see developments such as the Mexico City ban on dolphin exhibits as only a good thing. Furthermore, we look forward to the Riviera Maya following suit. After all, the best way to safe guard your lifestyle and your investment here in the Riviera Maya is to safeguard the natural, exotic beauty of the area. One of the ways to do that could possibly be to ban dolphin exhibits.