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Mexico #1 Retirement Destination

The relocation experts at International Living have voted Mexico as the number one retirement destination 2017. And while Mexico is being honoured this year, it’s popularity as a retirement destination has been known for some time. In fact, for U.S. citizens, it’s the most popular retirement destination in the world. Offering a slower, more relaxed way of life, retirees choose to live out their golden years under the Mexican sun. And those that don’t choose to stay full-time often return for the winter year after year, with home being just a short flight away.

What Makes Mexico #1 Retirement Destination

Sun, sea and sand are, of course, important factors, International Living also considered more practical factors when naming Mexico their number 1 retirement destination. These included: government stability, safety, healthcare and, crucially, affordability. And it’s not just International Living that believe Mexico comes out on top. The 2 million U.S. citizens currently residing in Mexico can’t all be wrong!

Many travellers have a specific idea of Mexico in their head before arrival. But the truth is, Mexico is a country of vastly different states, much like the U.S. itself. And each of these states offers a different take on the Mexican lifestyle. From the romantic residences of Puerto Vallarta and the laid-back surf spots along Southern Baja on the west coast, over the crisp highlands of Central Mexico, to the turquoise colours of Riviera Maya on the Mexican Caribbean – Mexico has a community and a climate to suit any retirees needs. And it can often be the sheer amount of choice that makes it so hard to decide where to base yourself south of the border.

Legality of Retiring in Mexico

Retirees wishing to obtain a visa for retiring in Mexico need to meet an income requirement. However, at just over $2,000 a month (dependent on current exchange rates), the requirement is easily achievable. What’s more is that this modest income is all you need to live a comfortable life in Mexico. Most couples live very comfortable on less than $2,000 a month. This often equates to a 50% decrease in expenditure in the U.S. for a similar lifestyle.

To obtain the visa, the process needs to begin by visiting the Mexican consulate in your home state. If there are no issues, you can have the visa approved and issued on the same day. Once in Mexico, you will need to get your National ID card, which is also relatively painless though may take a little more time.

International Living:

“How about a Caribbean lifestyle closely connected to the sea? The Riviera Maya can’t be beat. Consider Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or the small village of Akumal. You can’t go wrong.”




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