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Living in Playa Del Carmen: The Life of a Playense

Anyone who visits Playa Del Carmen fantasises about staying. With the beach, the bars, the beautiful people – who can blame them? Playa Del Carmen is made up of an eclectic mix of nationalities. Mexicans, Canadians and Americans make up the largest groups with substantial numbers of Europeans and Southern Americans as well. This mix only adds to the flavour of the town but the one thing they all have in common? They came to Playa Del Carmen and fell in love. Nowadays, many expats are literally living their dream of living in Playa Del Carmen.

So What Is It Like living in Playa Del Carmen?

  1. It’s Beautiful

     Anyone who has travelled to Playa in the past will attest to the sheer beauty of the place. From the jungle to the beach, everything you look at is a feast for the eyes. Try as you might, the effect doesn’t wear off once you’re living in Playa Del Carmen. You’re often caught off-guard by a dazzling sunset or tropical bird at unexpected moments. The attitudes of the people you meet only increase the sense of beauty about the town. Expats and locals alike are generally open and inviting, making settling in easier than expected.

  2. It’s Exciting


    Being smack-bang in the middle of the Riviera Maya means there’s never a shortage of things to do. Living in Playa Del Carmen means that you have a tropical paradise waiting to be explored on your doorstep. Home to the second largest reef in the world, there are some world-class diving spots in and around Playa Del Carmen. Explore the jungle at parks such as Xcaret at Rio Secreto where you can snorkel, zip-line, dive, swim and finally enjoy the evening shows.

  3. It’s Convenient

    Many of the qualms people have about moving abroad focus on the concept of unfamiliarity. Luckily, living in Playa Del Carmen is made easy and convenient by familiar stores and products. Playa is home to a Virginm’s Club, Walmart, Home Depot and Office Depot. A Costco can be found in nearby Cancun. Moreover, many stores stock familiar products from the States and Canada. Ultimate convenience lies in accessibility and Playa Del Carmen is very accessible. Only a few hours direct flight from most major airports to Cancun and then a short ride from Cancun International Airport to Playa Del Carmen means trips home don’t need to be a big deal. Fly back whenever you feel like it!

  4. It’s Affordable

    While Playa Del Carmen isn’t the cheapest place to live in Mexico, it is very affordable. From housing to groceries to night’s out, the standard of living in Playa Del Carmen is high while costs are low. This makes it an attractive option for retirees looking to make their money go further. Playa Del Carmen is also becoming known as a hot-spot for medical tourism. Medical institutes offer a high standards of care with lower price tags than you will find in the U.S.

  5. It’s Achievable

    living in Playa Del Carmen

Taking the leap and moving to your dream destination is no easy feat. But it is achievable. Virgin Group are committed to confidently guiding their clients in their investments and will dedicate their time to finding your dream home. The first step to living in Playa Del Carmen is contacting one of our realtors!