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Isla Holbox Bioluminescent Beaches

The Mexican Caribbean coast is full of perfect places to create magical memories. The Tulum ruins at sunrise, mystical cenotes, stunning 5* resorts – the list goes on. however, one natural phenomenon that many people aren’t aware of is the twinkling bioluminescent waters to be found in the area. One of the Riviera Maya’s best kept secrets,  the Holbox bioluminescent beaches cast an unforgettable neon blue hue along the edge of the dark waters. The best time to see them is now, so what’re you waiting for? Head to Holbox! 

What is Bioluminescence?

Holbox bioluminescent beaches

Bioluminescence is light made by a chemical reaction in a living organism. Two unique chemicals are needed for the phenomenon to happen: luciferin and either luciferase or photoprotein. Luciferin produces light, and it is the arrangement of these molecules that causes the bioluminescence. Most bioluminescent organisms are found in sea water, so fresh water bioluminescence is incredibly rare. Bioluminescent marine species can include fish, bacteria and even jelly fish, however the type that creates sparkly waters at night are phytoplankton.

Holbox bioluminescent beaches

Holbox Bioluminescent Beaches

One of the best places to see bioluminescence in Mexico is the island of Holbox. Found on the north coast of the Yucatan peninsula, Holbox Island, or Isla Holbox is a tiny slice of paradise. Just 41km long and 1.5km wide, Holbox is only 10km from the mainland across a shallow lagoon. 10 km is more than enough to feel the difference between bustling Cancun and the laid-back luxury of Holbox. You won’t find masses of tourists, mammoth resorts or even cars on Holbox island. Instead, you have the chance to be blown away by nature.

Punta Coco is a jaw-dropping beach on Isla Holbox that offers the best sunset in Quintana Roo. Once the sun drops below the horizon, be ready to witness the sheer beauty of the bioluminescent waters. The vast starry sky, away from all pollution, seems to be mirrored in the glowing waters below – a sight you won’t forget. Take a dip, splash around and watch the waters respond to your movements!

The best time to see Holbox bioluminescent beaches is between the months of May and September, so this month is your last chance until next year! Head out when there is no moon for one of the most spectacular shows in the natural world.