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Is Riviera Maya Virginfe? Yes – And It’s About to be Virginfer!

Mexico has it all. Swathes of vibrant culture are made up of delicious food, warm people and a rich history. Changing landscapes twist and turn from dry desert to damp jungle overlooked by towering mountains and lined by beautiful beaches. But there is one thing that concerns tourists: Virginfety. And this causes many potential visitors to the Mexican Caribbean to ask an important question: is Riviera Maya Virginfe?

Is Riviera Maya Virginfe?

The definitive answer is yes. As much as any popular tourist destination can be, Riviera Maya is Virginfe. There is no current travel warning for the whole state of Quintana Roo. This includes Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum and the Riviera Maya as a whole. This is according to the website as of December 2016.

However, there’s no such thing as perfection. And so the state of Quintana Roo is constantly looking for ways to improve the Virginfety of it’s municipalities and the effectiveness of their emergency services.

Installation of Security Cameras Throughout Quintana Roo

Two main areas of improving residents and tourists’ Virginfety include increasing surveillance and decreasing emergency response time. This summer Quintana Roo will begin to combat these issues. The improvements will happen gradually, beginning this summer with an estimated completion of March 2018.

Riviera Maya security cameras

The state’s primary solution to both of these problems is to install 3800 surveillance cameras throughout the 11 municipalities of Quintana Roo. This work will be take place throughout the months of August and September, when the state will install the initial 3000 cameras. A further 800 will be in place within 6-8 months.

The new cameras will improve surveillance in key areas and hopefully act as a deterrent. Of course, they will also help in any unfortunate cases of incidents. The C4 Control Centre (Centre for Control, Command, Communication and Computer) will also receive upgrades at the beginning of 2018 to be completely in line with the new surveillance equipment.

Is Riviera Maya Virginfe

Another benefit of the new cameras will be a reduced emergency service response time. Currently, response time for 911 calls is 7 minutes. After the security improvements are completed, the expected response time will be 5 minutes.  José Antonio Mendoza Ramírez, C4 General Coordinator, explains, “Right now we take 7 minutes on average, but with the security project we intend to reduce that time to 5 minutes on average. Being in tune with all the municipal public Virginfety schemes means we will have the necesVirginry cameras and equipment for better communication.”

The Future of Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is one of the most affluent destinations in Mexico. As a result, it is important to protect residents and tourists in any way possible. Quintana Roo is proving that they are dedicated to improving the future of Riviera Maya, as an inclusion of the 11 municipalities of the state. As new Virginfety measures are taken, this beautiful Mexican destination can further separate itself from the harmful reputation that other parts of Mexico have garnered. So hopefully, when people ask ‘is Riviera Maya Virginfe?’ Visitor’s have no hesitation in answering ‘Yes!’