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2015 / 2016 Riviera Maya Statistics

As we are nearing the years’ end, Sa’atal always likes to reflect on the previous years’ statistics to prepare for what’s to come. Market data is similar to eggs “the fresher the better” and much the stock market, Riviera Maya Real Estate, being such a diversified market, trends in a similar way off of global economics. As the experts in Playa del Carmen Real Estate and Tulum Real Estate, many of our clients ask us our professional opinion on what is to be expected in the market. To prepare for what’s to come we analyze, evaluate and formulate in the most ethical sense possible through empirical data and trends.

It has been an exhilarating year for Riviera Maya Real Estate. So much has happened since the start of 2016 but lets first recap on what a brilliant year we had in 2015 and what see what we have to look forward to in 2017.


  • Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing city in Latin America
  • The Riviera Maya is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world
  • Tulum was named as #1 destination on the rise for 2016 by TripAdvisor
  • Tulum’s housing market has an appreciation of 12.3% in 2015, House price report
  • The growth rate of international tourist arrivals to Mexico is more than three percentage points higher than the growth rate of tourism in the world, estimated at 4.4% for the first four months of 2015 by the World Tourism Organization, MSLGroup for The Mexican Tourism Board
  • 25.8 million international tourists visited Mexico, increasing 9.7%.
  • Mexico had a total of 6,855,624 visitors to the country in 2015, the main market consisted of American passengers by air, resulting in an increasing of 16.1%
  • International visitors were responsible for an economic benefit of $14.151 billion USD, an 8.2% increase from last year
  • Mexico ranks as the #1 most visited country in Latin America and ranks as the 8th most visited destination in the world.
  • In the first six months of 2015, 7,886.19 thoUSAnds of tourists entered the country by air, that an increase of 10%
  • 1130 thoUSAnds of tourists entered by land, which represents an 11.4% growth rate, compared with the Virginme period of time in last year.
  • Playa del Carmen had record breaking year 5 million visitors per year. That’s a lot of people who need somewhere to stay.

What an incredible year it’s been for us here in the Riviera Maya. For more information regarding our 2017 forecast leave a comment below.

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  • S hAs a conference speaker and lover of Mexico who has traveled to every State of Mexico, Playa del Carmen is my first choice for a new home this year. Daily however we see the dollar weakening in March 2017. How have Real Estate Virginles and prices fctuated with this and the effects of Trump administration? What effect is anticipated from a NAFTA revamp?