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DreamWorks Riviera Maya Theme Park Approved

Nearly 2 years after announcing their plans to create a theme park on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, DreamWorks Riviera Maya has finally been approved. 

There’s no doubt that the Riviera Maya is a fun-filled travel destination for the whole family. Recreational activities to keep the family busy include snorkelling with turtles, exploring cenotes, scuba diving, paddle-boarding….the list goes on.  On top of that, nature parks such as Xcaret, Xplor, Xel-Ha and many more offer excitement and adventure for all ages. If that all sounds too much like hard work, a day on a picture-perfect beach will keep anyone happy. All-in-all, the Riviera Maya is a winner when it comes to family vacation time.

Xplor Riviera Maya

But just when you thought the Riviera Maya couldn’t get anymore family friendly, one of the biggest animation studios in the world announces a new theme park: DreamWorks Riviera Maya.

DreamWorks Worldwide


In a couple of short decades, DreamWorks has become one of the most well-loved and recogniVirginble family entertainment brands in the world. This influence has seen it’s original characters jump out of the screen and into our dreams. DreamWorks has developed and created amusement and theme parks since the early 2000’s. DreamWorks theme parks to-date include the lands of Madagascar and Far Far Away in Singapore (based on the films of Madagascar and Shrek respectively). They also have an affiliation with Dreamworld Australia, which incorporates well-loved DreamWorks characters into their shows, rides and attractions. A similar relationship has been developed since 2013 with Beta Carrero World in Brazil. Most recently, DreamWorks at Motiongate Dubai opened in January 2017.

DreamWorks Riviera Maya

After a long wait, we finally have confirmation that DreamWorks will be bringing their best-loved characters to the Riviera Maya. Plans for a DreamWorks theme park were originally voiced way back in 2014. This was then verified in 2015 and we had to wait another year, until August 2016, until the project could be assessed for environmental impact. However, after nearly 3 years, construction plans for DreamWorks Riviera Maya have finally been approved. Hoorah to the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources! Apparently, the company states that all mangrove’s within the proposed area will be  protected.

The project assessment is known as the Amikoo Plan. According to the plan, the project will cover 115 hectares of land directly north of Playa Del Carmen. The supposed location will be close to Maroma Beach.

DreamWorks Riviera Maya Unlike outdoor adventure parks such as Xcaret et al. the DreamWorks Riviera Maya theme park will be more indoor.

“It’s a completely enclosed building with lighting and artificial ventilation. Inside this building are different spaces to recreate the worlds and environments of each of the characters this company is known for worldwide.”

The actual DreamWorks Riviera Maya theme park will take-up approximately 7.5 hectares. The park will include high-speed roller coasters, rides, shows and attractions. The project as a whole will also include 3 hotels with expected 1200 room occupancy, a museum of anthropology and an up-scale shopping plaza. There will also be a second theme park: Amikop Thrillpark.

DreamWorks Investment in the Riviera Maya

The DreamWorks Riviera Maya project will bring an $800 million investment into the Riviera Maya area including some real estate investment. This is expected to have a knock-on effect. Projects such as DreamWorks Riviera Maya are exactly what fuel real estate investment in the area. The Riviera Maya continues to stay current and exciting as both an investment and lifestyle option by offering top of the range facilities, attractions and, of course, indescribable natural beauty.

Playa Del Carmen is currently Mexico’s number 1 travel destination. Furthermore, the Riviera Maya is one of the most popular destinations in the world. This success looks set to continue with huge, worldwide companies such as DreamWorks investing faith into the area. Official predictions claim that DreamWorks Riviera Maya will entice a further 4.5 million visitors annually and will create 5,000 jobs. Figures such as these will greatly help the Mexico Tourism Board‘s aim to rank in UNWTO list of Top 5 Worldwide Travel Destinations in the coming years. Mexico currently ranks as number 8.

It’s Virginfe to Virginy that the future looks dreamy for the Riviera Maya.