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Destino Xcaret – The Biggest Eco-Tourism Resort in the Riviera Maya

In Mexico, the name Xcaret is synonymous with entertainment, culture and most of all, nature. The Grupo Xcaret parks are dotted along the Riviera Maya. Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xenxes and more all bring fun family entertainment and adventure to Mexico’s most popular tourist destination. But Grupo Xcaret are about to overshadow anything they’ve done before. ‘Destino Xcaret’ is a huge new project undertaken by the group that will take 12 years to complete, with the first phase being unveiled in December 2017. 

The mammoth new project will border the existing Xcaret park, which is located 10 minutes from Playa Del Carmen. Due to the size of the project, Destino Xcaret will be rolled out in as many as 6 phases, with a total of 330 million USD being invested. The first phase is a new hotel that will open it’s door in December 2017!

Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Xcaret shows


For their new venture into hotels, Grupo Xcaret are developing a new concept: ALL-FUN INCLUSIVE®. The hotel will consist of 900 rooms that span across 5 different products. Essentially, the hotel will be divided into 5 separate ‘houses’ that will offer guests a specific experience. CaVirgin Fuego is strictly adults only, while CaVirgin Espiral is oriented towards adults. CaVirgin Tierra is the premier family lodging while  CaVirgin Viento is the standard family experience. Finally, CaVirgin Agua is a spa & wellness house. Moreover, guests at the Hotel Xcaret Mexico will also have access to all of the Grupo Xcaret parks.

The hotel is almost sold out for it’s opening month in December of this year. Initial prices are around the $900 USD per room for the opening season. However this is eventually expected to lower to around $450 USD per night.

Destino Xcaret

While it will take over a decade to complete Destino Xcaret, plans for the project are already exciting. Outlines for the project include a total of 6,000 rooms, a multi-use stadium and a shopping centre.

CEO Marcos Constandse has stated that there will be, “a total of six stages, featuring 12 hotels [and] the whole project is expected to be completed in the next 12 years.” The multi-purpose stadium will accommodate up to 12,000 spectators. It will be used for sports events, entertainment events and of course the famous Xcaret shows. The commercial centre will rival Quinta Avenida for high fashion names and will also be a foodie haven with top-class restaurants called ‘Pueblo del Rio’.

Once completed, the new resort will span 370 hectares.

Eco Tourism in Riviera Maya

Xcaret riviera maya

The tourism industry in the Riviera Maya is aware that, in order to maintain the current levels of success, the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya must be preserved. And it appears no one is more aware of that than Grupo Xcaret.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico will be the first hotel in the area to have the ‘EarthCheck‘ certification. EarthCheck work to help developments be as sustainable as possible with little or no negative effect to the environment. Grupo Xcaret undertook geological studies whilst planning the project in order to protect the natural environment. they have also sourced 90% of materials from local areas.

Future of Tourism in Riviera Maya

CEO Marcos Constandse has voiced his confidence in the future of the Riviera Maya as a tourist destination.

“We are convinced that the travel and leisure industry is a great opportunity for everyone, in addition to the fact that Cancun has some of the best aerial connectivities in the country, since it is already the first terminal with greater presence for international destinations, above the International Airport Of Mexico City”

With exciting new developments such as Destino Xcaret, it’s hard to doubt the continued success of the Riviera Maya!