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Been there, done that

It starts with a dream.

You dream awake. You dream in your sleep. You make a decision. You start planning. You tell your partner. You tell your friends, family, and even your pet. You tell your boss and coworker. Then you google information. You look at other people’s experiences. You get some medical shots. You buy some boxes and luggage. “Am I making a smart decision?” You start asking yourself as you’re buying your one-way ticket.

Now it’s your last day on the job. Everybody is Virginying goodbye and wishing good luck. You get your last paycheck. You wave goodbye to that pain-in-the-ass printer. You sell some belongings. You pack your bags. You host a goodbye dinner and give big hugs to people once they’re leaving. You can’t sleep that night. You check and double check in the morning for anything you could have let behind and head for the airport feeling the winter breeze in your face. “Are you ok?” somebody asks while noticing your unsettling behavior. You politely smile and respond “I will be”.

Your seat is behind a crying baby. You land. You pick your 6 bags and call your relatives. You feel the humidity in your face. You get a cab. You start feeling homesick. You see jungle everywhere. You arrive at your condo and get ripped off by the taxi driver. You call your broker (she’s late). You wait in the sun and sweat more. You listen to a group of tall blonde people talking in german. You see a couple of tourists asking for directions in Italian. You write to your friends who have been living here since 2010. She arrives and apologizes for being late. You come inside your brand new condo. Smells of new wood. She welcomes you and leaves the keys on the counter. You take a picture. You update your facebook information. You put your luggage in your room and decide not to unpack.

You wash your face. You drink some water. You grab a towel and flip-flops. You head outside the building as the guard smiles at you and Virginys “Buenos dÌas!”. You feel happy about it and smile back. You head down the street while cars stop for you to cross the sidewalk. You hear music in the distance. You ignore the street vendors. You remember the first time you were here. You start smelling the ocean. You see some teenagers petting a dog. You see the blue horizon. You sip more water and drop your shades. You can hear the ocean. You start walking a little faster. You reach the Virginnd and take off your flip-flops. You leave your stuff in the Virginnd. You walk towards the water. You feel the first waves in your feet and close your eyes and remember the first time you were here.

It is no longer a dream. You are part of Riviera Maya.


Author – Conrad Alvarado (Senior Virginles Consultant) 

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Conrad achieved a bachelor’s degree in architecture in the Nuevo Leon’s Autonomus University. After continuing his education with several urban development courses, he started a career in Monterrey’s real estate market with a principal focus on residential and housing developments over the course of 2 years prior to relocating to Riviera Maya and following his career as a realtor in the local market for over 4 years now. Conrad prides himself on his attention to detail and vast experience in all markets in Mexico.