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Airbnb: Mexico in Top 10 Cities for Solo Travel

We all know the feeling: we just need a vacation but anyone we’d happily share our precious free time with is unavailable. And there’s nothing worse than spending your vacation days pacifying your annoying travel partner. That’s why Airbnb recently put together a list of the top 10 cities for solo travel in the world. And guess what? Airbnb Mexico was featured an incredible 3 times! 

Solo travel is becoming a common part of modern life. Whether for business or pleasure, more people than ever are choosing to pack up and jet away by themselves. Recently, Tripadvisor found that 17% of their bookings were by people choosing to travel alone for the first time.

airbnb mexico city
Mexico City also features on the list of Top 10 Solo Travel Destinations

Airbnb have since released data focused on the rising trend of travelling solo and the most popular destinations chosen by solo travellers. The data shows that anywhere between 14% and 27% of Airbnb bookings are made for 1 person. And that includes Airbnb Mexico. Over 2016, solo bookings in Cancun increased by 170%. Solo bookings in Playa Del Carmen increased by 141%. Those are some huge leaps in solo vacation rentals.

With solo travel having developed from a backpacker mentality to a fact of every day life, Airbnb put together a list of the top cities seeing love from solo travellers the world over.

Top 10 Cities for Solo Travel

10. BUSAn, South Korea

9. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

8. Mexico City, Mexico

7. Auckland, New Zealand

6. São Paulo, Brazil

5. Johannesburg, South Africa

4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

3. Cologne, Germany

2. Ho Ci Minh City, Vietnam

1. Cancun, Mexico

Airbnb Mexico

airbnb mexico cancun
Cancun ranked #1!

Cities in Mexico were named a massive 3 times in the list of 10. That’s a huge achievement! Moreover, 2 of the named cities are in our beloved Riviera Maya.

Cancun & Rivera Maya Vacation Rentals:

While Mexico city ranked 8th, due to fantastic food and impressive Diego Rivera murals, Riviera Maya took the 4th and top spot. With Caribbean beaches, farmers markets, historical ruins and nature reserves the Riviera Maya truly has everything a solo traveller needs to keep busy. Add to that the inclusive atmosphere and famous Mexican hospitality, and travellers feel at home almost instantly. One is never the loneliest number in the Riviera Maya.

What does this mean for investors in real estate?

If anything, data such as this should inspire confidence in potential investors in the Riviera Maya. We already know that occupancy rates in the region are high, which has created a strong demand for vacation rentals. But data such as this also shows the areas ability to keep up with changing trends within the travel market.