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Riviera Maya Awarded Best Beach Destination

The Riviera Maya has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Mexico and Central America’s Leading Beach Destination.’ The announcement was made at the World Travel Awards Latin America Gala 2017. It’s official, Riviera Maya is the best beach destination in Central America! 

World Travel Awards Latin America Gala

The World Travel Awards were established in 1993. Their aim is to celebrate excellence in the travel industry in specific regions and globally. The fabulous ceremonies are considered to be some of the best networking events on the travel industry calendar. The winners of the awards are considered as standards for which competitors must strive to reach. Once all the regional gala’s are completed, a yearly grand final sees providers compete for the global titles.

The Latin America awards themselves were held in our beloved Riviera Maya. At none other than the glitzy Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. Hundreds of big names in the travel and hospitality industry attended and many received recognition for their work.

Sion Rapson, the Vice President of the World Travel Awards commented on the success of the region’s industry and the evening itself.

“What a fantastic evening it’s been here at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. It has been an honour to recognise some of the leading hospitality providers from Latin America tonight and I offer my heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of them. It is your hard work, dedication, initiative and investment that makes the tourism sector the success it is today. I look forward to seeing many of tonight’s winners later this year at the Grand Final in Vietnam, where they will compete for the global titles.”

Riviera Maya Awarded Best Beach Destination

Seeing the Riviera Maya awarded best beach destination is a wonderful way for our local tourism industry to be recognised. There are many factors that come into play when establishing and maintaining such a reputation. Firstly, it has taken dedication from local environmental groups and governments to keep the natural vitality of the Riviera Maya alive. For example, Akumal has recently received a new conservation committee. Public services work tirelessly to ensure the safety of visitors. And the thriving real estate market caters to accommodation demands via vacation rentals.  The result is a world-class beach destination, recognised for it’s prestige as well as it’s friendliness.

Being awarded such a title will only bolster the local tourism industry’s determination to reach long term goals both locally and nationally. Let’s see where this takes us.