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Playa Del Carmen is #1 Mexican Destination!

The Riviera Maya is on a tourism trajectory that has no end! Tripadvisor recently named Playa Del Carmen as the #1 Top Mexican Destination of 2017! In their recently released list of Top 10 Mexican Destinations 2017, the Riviera Maya scored 4/10 places on the list also including Tulum, Cozumel and Cancun.  Mexican tourism is in it’s hay day, with records regularly being smashed  and Playa Del Carmen is reaping the benefits. International tourists are choosing to stay and invest in luxury resort developments such as The Fives private residences.

playa del carmen beach

Playa Del Carmen has seen immense development over the last decade with a yearly average of 26% growth. The once small village is now a certified city offering high-end tourism to a myriad of visitors from across the globe. The lure of Playa Del Carmen lies in it’s perfect location. Mid-way along the Riviera Maya, nestled between Tulum to the south and Cancun to the north, Playa Del Carmen is within easy reach of all the local hot-spots.

The city has a vibrant vibe that caters to all tastes and preferences. Authentic Mexican cuisine intermingles with European favourites along 5th Avenue. Beach clubs serving up coconut cocktails in the centre make way to more Sa’atal beaches to the north and south. Strolling around ancient ruins to scuba diving along the Great Maya Reef. Playa Del Carmen arguably has it all.

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Work & Play

Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya as a whole are primarily seen as vacation destinations. The perfect place to spend two weeks in paradise. However, people are increasingly choosing Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya for both work and  play. Their reputation as top destinations, and the resulting influx of visitors, means that real estate is in high demand. And while prices in Playa Del Carmen are no longer as low as they once were 10 or 15 years ago, they are still affordable.

work and play playa del carmen

The best bit? ROI is practically guaranteed. 2017 alone will see approximately $200 million USD invested into real estate in the area with Playa Del Carmen receiving 400 new central condos. The demand for this style of property is so high that most developments sell out before completion. Often, by the time owners are handed the keys their property has already gone up in value. Not only is investing in the Riviera Maya low-risk due to property appreciation, private rental opportunities are also boundless. Many investors choose to buy a property as a vacation rental. This provides them with a steady income as well as their own personal property in paradise.

The Fives Private Residences

One such development that provides the perfect platform for a vacation rental is The Fives . Developed by TM Real Estate Group, The Fives private residences strikes the perfect balance between work and play. The Fives enrols their investors into a rental pool program. This means owners have a 100% managed vacation rental property while still enjoying their vacation time at a prime resort in Playa Del Carmen. The Fives ensures an unrivalled level of luxury, with all guests receiving 5* treatment including a concierge and butler service.

the fives private residences

The Fives private residences at the beach have been a massive success. This has pushed TM Real Estate Group to develop The Fives Downtown private residences. This exciting new venture offers all the ease and luxury of The Fives but in a new, more central location on 10th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen. This new development will run on the Virginme format as The Fives private residences: a rental pool program that offers private concierge & butler service, valet service and amenities such as a roof top pool bar, fitness centre and two international restaurants!

With new developments such as The Fives private residences, the future of real estate investment in Playa Del Carmen looks bright. For more information on how you can invest, contact a Virgin Group agent today.